Shop Here Now: Moorea Seal

   I just found blogger Moorea Seal's webstore yesterday, and gosh dangit, it's amazing. So I decided not to be selfish and share it with you. (However, if you make it so that the Tiny Triangle Pendent sells out before I can get my hands on one, we're not best friends anymore. I'm serious, guys.)

   Generally, when bloggers have their own webstores, the store only features items from third parties that are hand-picked by the blogger. The blogger will end up making a small percentage of any sale, so I generally don't really check them out because the items and curation aren't really special. But Moorea's webstore has beautifully curated pieces and tons of exclusives, and she just opened her own storefront. You can even search her store by cause and find pieces that benefit causes you care about. And everything is well priced. What is this. How can one store be so amazing. Most of my friends know that I'm impossible to shop for because I'm really, really picky about what I wear, but I'd wear 99.9 percent of everything here in a heartbeat. I don't think I've ever said that about any store ever. So this is a big deal, guys. This post isn't even sponsored. I just really, really love this website. 

   Check out her wonderful website for beautiful objects at a fair price here. You won't be sorry. (Unless you make all my favorite things sell out. Then you may be sorry,  because I know how much our friendship means to you.) Also, to check out her main blog, look no further than this link. Enjoy!

*Update* - The triangle pendant did sell out. Sorry, we're not friends anymore. 

Here's my top 3 favorite pieces from the Moorea Seal store:

Rosemary Shoulder Bag - $30  (for the size, quality and price, $30 is fantastic)

Hammered Stacking Ring - $16 (Not even kidding, I think this is my wedding ring.)

I have about 50 other things I want to share with you, but no one has time for that. So just go to her store and check them out yourself! Happy shopping!


Birthday Design Haul! Paper Trail, House Industries, Cavallini Paper Co.

This week, my boyfriend and I spent a day exploring the beautiful town of Rhinebeck, and in the process we stumbled upon the cutest little design and stationery shop in the history of the universe, Paper Trail. I literally could have spent all day there. We stayed for at least an hour, and I used my upcoming birthday as an excuse to buy myself some fun gifts. Happy Birthday to me!

First off, I found this gorgeous book of typography postcards from House Industries. The set is a whopping 100 postcards for only $20. I just couldn't pass it up. It's something I know I'll use for a long time, and it's great incentive to write far-away friends. Also, the cards are stunning. Sometimes I'll just shuffle them and look at each one. I'm so glad I found this. You can purchase it from the House Industries website, or on Amazon.com.

Second, I found this beautiful poster of Brooklyn from Nu Vue Studio. When I'm at school in Utah, it's really easy to get wrapped up in the culture there. West coast is vastly different than east coast, and it's so easy conform to what everyone else out there is doing. So I really like to keep lots of NY imagery around so that I don't forget where I'm from and who I am. This poster is perfect for my fall apartment. Also, it was only $5 at Paper Trail. Just $5. And it's amazing quality. And I love it to pieces. You can purchase one here

Third, I found a darling little notebook perfect for ideas and sketching from Cavallini. I love keeping it in my bag and jotting down sketch ideas, and the cover is really beautiful. All the pages are girded, making it perfect for my industrial design concepts. It's really a great little notebook for a couple bucks. You can find your own here.

Lastly, I found another gem from House Industries - a couple hundred stickers and labels. The fonts are beautiful and fun, and the stickers are great for mailing letters and making all the things in your life looking a little more designy. I love using these. You can find them here

Overall, I've been really happy with everything I found at Paper Trail.  It's a really lovely place. Snoop around their website for more goodies. I'll most definitely be back in the future!


Jessica Brown Findlay by Boo George for Vogue UK May 2014

I love this simplistic editorial from one of my favorite photographers, Boo George. The subtle tones in the background really make the gowns pop. Beautiful work. 
Happy Tuesday Lovelies! I'm still clicking through all the Met Ball gowns from last night. Great stuff - I love to see how everyone represented Charles James in their own way. Have a great day!


Day Dripping: Sasha Pivovarova by Mario Testino for Vogue US May 2014

I'm crazy about all the energetic prints and patterns! What a great spring inspiration editorial. Also, I'm really happy that Sasha is doing print work again. She's fabulous. 


Behind The Scenes at Delpozo Spring 2014

I've been following Delpozo since the brand's start in 2013, and I've always been in awe of its ability to be consistently both beautiful and ridiculously cool. Check out the full collection in all its girly glory here!


Time-Lapse Fireflies by Vincent Brady

I completely fell in love with this time-lapse compilation of fireflies by Vincent Brady, primarily shot in Lake of Ozarks, Missouri. I remember moving from Brooklyn to upper New York and seeing fireflies for the very first time as a little girl. It was such a magical experience, and I still look forward to when the fireflies come out each summer. This video brought me back to those magical summer nights. Just beautiful work.I hope you all have a beautiful week!


Latest Obsession: Beauty Spot

I'm CRAZY about this inter-stellar jewelry from the darling Etsy shop, Beauty Spot.  
Astrology was my favorite subject in high school by leaps and bounds, and I love that you can now wear little reminders of how cool the universe is. Aside from their amazing planet jewelry, they also have other very special pieces as well. Check out Beauty Spot!

Here's some of my favorite non-galaxy related pieces:

I was also pleased to see that the pieces are pretty well priced considering the design and quality. You can also order something custom if the above pieces haven't already stolen your heart. Check out Beauty Spot!


Part Noveau: Lilah Ramzi Shows How Fashion Photography Recycles Ideas

Being the fashion photography buff that I am, I love fashion historian Lilah Ramzi's blog. Titled Part Noveau, the blog puts past and future photographs and garments side by side to show how the industry recycles ideas in fashion design and photography, and how it draws inspiration from the past. Here are some of my favorite examples. (Love the Audrey Hepburn references the most)